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As part of the launch of the new Thomson Reuters Eikon software, the company wanted to say thank you to its developers worldwide who have worked very hard on the delivery of the project over the last few years. I created a registration website for all parties worldwide which is highly personalized and allows the attendee to upload pictures and videos which will be used as part of a digital installation at the parties and post event. For the installation at the events, I created a set of wireframes and designs with development being outsourced. The installation took a 2 second videoclip of the user and displayed it in a grid on large screens or via a projection. The video would continously loop and through subtle animations the whole raster would re-shuffle itself. This way previoiusly captured videos of events in other countries would be displayed as well, creating a huge wall of all the members of the Eikon developers team.

Responsible for UX, Art Direction, Design, Project Management. Created while working at Jack Morton Worldwide.